ONN is a brand based on a fictional story. The Story starts from a distant planet in the galaxy called 'Ousuh'

The ONN Agents are super enhanced beings that come to Earth due to an alarming signal emitting from the planet. After landing they realise humanity is a dangerous state, the minds of the humans are spiraling out of control. This is causing great damge to themselves and the planet, the ONN Agents must intervene otherwise everything will be destroyed. The ONN Agents must complete their mission.

Follow on from our story and see how the ONN Universe comes together. Keep it ONN never OFF Agents!


Official NoNames Agents are super enhanced beings with brain capacity beyond anything seen on planet Earth. Their collective mission is to return balance to the cosmos and unlock the minds of human beings to 100% functionality.


Check out what some of the ONN Agents have been up to recently:

Mission: DARK SELF

The average person checks their phone every six seconds… are we in danger of falling into social media addiction?  ONN Agents are ready to lead the fight back. Let the battle commence.


mission: save mother nature

Mother nature has been neglected. Will she now turn her back on us? After an unprecedented series of natural disasters, ONN Agents are on a mission to save the last remains of nature… but is time still on our side?


mission: mind games

Experts estimate that the mind thinks between 60,000 – 80,000 thoughts a day! Are you getting tangled up in the mind games? Protect yourself at all costs. Maintain your peace of mind, agent.